Transactions are of vital importance to your business. That is the case even at the start, for example when setting up a collaborative venture or deciding what the best organisational form is for the business. Then there are the financing and refinancing options, the purchase or sale of shares, business units or assets, and countless other possible transactions constantly demanding your attention. Our transaction lawyers are happy to assist you with all the issues and opportunities that these transactions involve.


Whatever form a business takes, sooner or later it will involve transactions. In fact, a business often starts with a transaction. That can be the setting up of some form of collaboration, the purchase or sale of shares, the establishment of an equity joint venture, a financial lease, an asset transaction, a share issue, for example for a participating interest held by a financier, the financing or refinancing of an enterprise or the disposal or acquisition of parts of an enterprise. The list is endless.

Our team of transaction lawyers would be happy to help you give shape to your transactions and implement them, from start to finish. We also aim to proactively discuss ideas with you on what form the transaction should take to maximise your venture's chance of success or to get the best outcome when taking on or discontinuing a venture. Your wishes and the specific features of your venture take priority here. Not only do we assist you in all stages of your transaction, from its conception, the negotiations and documentation through to the completion, but we can also provide assistance in tax aspects if wished with our team of tax consultants. We also collaborate closely with our team of employment law specialists when staff issues are involved, such as the role of the Works Council or the principle of 'the transfer of an undertaking'.

Our Transactions team has acquired wide-ranging experience with all conceivable types of transactions, whether strategic or financial in nature, and whether prepared and implemented at a leisurely pace or performed under hectic conditions or to very tight deadlines. We guide you along tried and tested routes wherever possible, so that you can achieve your intended objective as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, this certainly does not mean that we balk at transactions that are out of the ordinary or involve bold decisions.

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