Professional Liability
If an accusation has been made against you as a professional, that is a cause for concern. It distracts you from your day-to-day work and costs you negative energy. In such a situation, it will help you to know that we are there for you, at your side. We work with you and your insurer to deal with the accusation.

Professional Liability

In fact, we prefer to act before it gets that far. Like you, we believe that prevention is better than cure. Before any accusations or claims are made, we can advise you on how to avoid, minimize or transfer the risk of liability as far as possible, for example by making agreements or taking out insurance policies. We know all about the available options and we will discuss with you how you can make use of them.

If an accusation is made against you, then we will advise you on your chances and the risks. We will make every effort to have the accusation withdrawn and will negotiate on your behalf if necessary to reach a mutual solution. We will assist you in any disciplinary proceedings. We will defend you in civil proceedings, if it comes to that; if necessary we can provide you with assistance right up to the Supreme Court through our own office. We are able to give an accessible, comprehensible and convincing explanation of whether an error was committed and if so, whether it caused damage or loss. Should publicity be an issue or a threat, we will try to prevent this where possible and help you by conveying the essence of the case in a simple message.

You are far from being the first client we have assisted in a case like yours. We regularly advise, negotiate and litigate for countless professionals and their insurers.  Our services are engaged by both large and specialized professional liability insurers and we advise accountants, lawyers, doctors, insurance brokers, tax consultants, construction companies, structural engineers, bailiffs, engineers, IT service providers, estate agents, civil-law notaries, patent agents, legal aid insurers and trade unions, among others.

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