Personal injury
Incidents can result in material and immaterial damage, for which a claim can be submitted to the insurance company. The discussions between the insurer or its representative and the injured party for the settlement of the claim require proper support, both in court and out of court, with a view to keeping the claim burden under control and preventing polarization.

Personal injury

We are specialized in handling personal injury cases for insurers. Many aspects play a role in the settlement of personal injury claims. Assessing the (proportional) liability of the insured party in question, drawing up and evaluating medical and occupational expertise reports and assessing the legal responsibility for various claims items requires specialist knowledge and know-how. An ability to critically evaluate complex calculations for personal injury claims is also essential.

Not only do we have the necessary extensive expertise in house to deal with these personal injury cases for insurers (including the Grotius personal injury course), we also contribute through workshops and lectureships to the training of professionals who work on these claims cases in the insurance companies (including the Nibe SVV and OSR personal injury course).

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