Loss-of-income and sick-leave insurance
It is possible to insure against the financial consequences of sickness. That includes not just loss-of-income insurance such as (private) occupational disability insurance, but also insurance taken out by employers. In response to the increasingly stringent sickness legislation, employers are increasingly passing on the risk of sickness and long-term occupational disability to insurers via sick-leave insurance, WGA supplementary insurance and own-risk bearer insurance. Collaboration with occupational health and safety services and rehabilitation agencies also plays an important role.

Loss-of-income and sick-leave insurance

We have the necessary know-how about insurance and sickness absence legislation that lets us assess any claim to these insurance products and take legal action if necessary. We also have the necessary expertise in the field of occupational health and safety legislation and rehabilitation legislation and on handling data on health.
The areas we work on include:
  • Giving advice and conducting legal proceedings regarding private occupational disability insurance
  • Providing support (including through advice on setting up the processes) in the implementation of sick-leave insurance, own-risk bearer insurance and WGA supplementary insurance (WGA refers to the Resumption of Work (Partially Fit Persons) Regulation)
  • Privacy and the exchange of medical details between insurers, occupational health and safety services and rehabilitation agencies (including the permissible scope of such an exchange)
  • Advice and support in communication between the tax authority and insurers providing WGA supplementary insurance and own-risk bearer insurance

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