Employment Termination Law
Sometimes employment has to be terminated, for example because of a reorganisation or a conflict at work that cannot be resolved. This is a difficult situation for both the employer and the employee. But our lawyers can offer first-class assistance in such a process, working towards a goal agreed in advance with the client. The aim is to get the most satisfactory solution for our clients.

Employment Termination Law

The law on the termination of individual employment deals with the dismissal of an individual employee, for instance due to a conflict at work, an impaired working relationship, unsatisfactory performance, two years of sickness absence, or integrity issues. Our Employment Law Practice Group has particular expertise in the dismissal of directors appointed under the articles of association.
Group dismissals include the situation where multiple employees are made redundant following a reorganisation. This involves a range of different aspects, such as providing assistance to employers for the request to the Works Council for a formal opinion, negotiating with the trade unions on a redundancy plan and drawing up that plan, providing advice with regard to the Collective Redundancy (Notification) Act and implementing the dismissals by means of settlement agreements (agreements determining the legal relationship between the parties) or dismissal proceedings.

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