Employee benefits & employment contract
Many problems can be avoided by having sound employment contracts in place with clear employment conditions, protocols and regulations. Creating a sound employment contract is not just a question of cutting and pasting or filling in a free template plucked from the Internet. It is essential that your contracts fit the needs of your organisation and situation and that they arrange what you want to have arranged. In other words, your contracts must be tailored to your particular situation. If a conflict should arise, sound contracts and clear-cut rules and policies put you in a strong position in any negotiations or court proceedings.

Employee benefits & employment contract

Our lawyers draw up specific or model contracts, regulations and policies tailored to your situation, if necessary conducting negotiations and litigation on these matters. They do this both for individual situations and groups of employees. Our lawyers are not just experts in employment contracts; they also know all about contracts to perform services.
Relevant issues here include flexible employment relationships, collective labour agreements, on-call contracts, non-compete and business relationship clauses, policy on integrity, complaints procedure, employment via a payroll company, self-employed individuals without staff, privacy in the employment relationship, cross-border secondment, flexible working hours, leave schemes, holiday entitlements, continuing to work after reaching retirement age, social media in the employment relationship, the New Way of Working, the probationary period, study costs, bonus schemes, the Executives' Pay (Standards) Act, whistle-blowers, working conditions, management agreements and contracts to perform services.
Employment contracts, contracts to perform services and policy in these areas often need to take tax regulations into account. Some examples are the application of the expense allowance scheme, the Declaration of Income Tax Status (and its abolition) and salary splits. Our lawyers therefore collaborate closely with the Tax Law Practice Group.

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