Corporate litigation
Corporate litigation deals with disputes and legal actions which can affect every business. From enquiries to preliminary relief proceedings. From Subdistrict Court to Enterprise Section. From shareholders to partners.

Corporate litigation

Corporate litigation is concerned with disputes which can affect every business. Disputes between shareholders, directors, partners and other stakeholders. But also disputes between licensors and licensees, suppliers and distributors, principals and agents, franchise parties. Disputes about performance of agreements, directors guilty of serious misconduct or mismanagement, partners who have terminated their partnership, lifting of attachments of bank accounts, buy-outs of minority shareholders, damage claims, scenarios involving a second chance for a struggling business, breaches of the advisory rights of the Works Council, etc. Proceedings before district courts, courts of appeal and the Netherlands Supreme Court, including preliminary relief proceedings. It also includes arbitration proceedings and binding advisory opinion procedures.

Ekelmans & Meijer was traditionally a litigation firm. Our team of 10 corporate law lawyers have litigation in their blood. Know-how relating to procedural law is obviously one tool, but so are tactical and strategic knowledge and skills relating to litigation. Our attorneys have a positive track record in the aforementioned areas. Where relevant we will work together with our colleagues in the area of tax law. In case of appeals there may be consultation with our colleagues in the cassation appeals practice group – to make the litigation documents “cassation-proof”.

We realize that litigation is costly. That is why we are open to clear price agreements.

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