Combatting fraud
The fight against fraud in financial institutions and companies deserves attention as the damage can be considerable. A serious, thorough approach to combatting fraud will help minimize the damage. Our fraud team can help in this. Whether it is a question of fraud in banks, in the healthcare sector, in life or non-life insurance companies or in other companies, our team can give you the assistance you need thanks to our wide-ranging experience.

Combatting fraud

It all starts with prevention. We help here by providing training. For instance, we supply lecturers for the Fraud Control Coordinator course for both financial institutions and health insurers. We also organize workshops as a way of sharing knowledge on combatting fraud. In addition, we can advise on policy or evaluate your existing policy.

Unfortunately, fraud does occur. That can be internal fraud, fraud by a customer or insured party or fraud by a third party. We can also be of use when the fraud is being investigated. Is the investigation being conducted in the correct manner, with due observance of the legislation and regulations? But also, is it possible to request criminal-law information? We can advise and assist you here. We aim for a constructive, approachable working relationship with both the client and any investigation agency they might have engaged. Future success depends on the investigation: gathering conclusive evidence of fraud in the correct manner.  

Once the fraud has been established, it is a question of recovering the loss from the parties who committed the fraud. This often requires civil proceedings with an attachment, but sometimes it is possible to make a claim for the loss by joining a criminal action as an injured party. We would be happy to advise you on this.

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