Supreme Court appeals
Our Supreme Court appeals & Expert Litigation Team comprises specialists in property and procedural law. The lawyers conduct proceedings up to and including the Supreme Court on a daily basis. Because of their experience and expertise, they are also engaged by other lawyers as advisers and in litigation in a broader sense.

Supreme Court appeals

Supreme Court appeals & Expert Litigation

Our Supreme Court appeals & Expert Litigation Team can thus assist as dedicated experts for other experts, for example, in appeal proceedings. This, because it is expected that the case will one day be brought before the Supreme Court, or because the gravity, importance and complexity of the case call for a strategic overview and new insights. A certain amount of impartiality and open-mindedness then has added value. Particularly if it comes from someone who is an expert in procedural law, who can assist in a broad sense and who can clarify matters down to the minutest detail.

This impartiality and the demands on the office can also be reason to outsource the litigation work to our team. We can, for instance, assist trustees in major bankruptcies. Another example is advising in professional liability issues. With expertise gained by assessing cases with a view to cassation, we are better placed to advise the professional on the case and how it could have been resolved had it not been for that error. There may also be a need for an assessment in cases where lawyers have to advise their clients on the acquisition of a company that is involved in liability proceedings.

Our added value:
  • Maximum success rate;
  • Thinking ahead in view of cassation and
  • More control over uncertainties regarding litigation.

We strive to provide easy access to maximum service and are happy to discuss litigation or strategic questions without any obligation on your part. The team regularly gives presentations and courses.
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